Mobile Contest 2008 (Nokia)

Very cool this iniciative promoted by Nokia, a mobile contest which developers and great minds will push thenselves into this content with bussiness ideas and mobile aplications. Maybe, i can participate too in this event, who knows ?

From Forum Nokia Blogs:

Nokia together with some other high-profile companies announced the second annual competition for mobile developers and entrepreneurs. It is called "Mobile Rules '08".

What is it all about? It is a competition to develop new applications or services for the mobile lifestyle. There are two tracks of the competition:

  • Mobile applications. It includes four categories, i.e. multi player/connected game, multimedia, enterprise and infotainment.
  • Mobile business plan. It is about creating a plan for the mobile business that is innovative and has value for customers and investors.

What is the timeline?
The deadline submission for mobile applications is January 25, 2007. The deadline for business plan is November 16, 2007.

What is the prize?
The prize for mobile applications is fast-track contract negotiations with one of the sponsors as well other prizes. If there is no contract after a year, US $10,000 will be granted.

The prize for business plan is the same, that is business contract with Nokia or other sponsors as well as other prizes. If there is no contract after a year, US $20,000 will be granted.

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